Equity Compensation, Benefits & Concentrated Stock Management

optimizing the benefit of your benefits

Our advisors have both wealth and tax experience serving equity award recipients ranging from CEOs of publicly traded companies to startup employees. This range of experience has afforded us unique perspective advising on a diversity of plans and the resulting concentrated stock positions of recipients. Further, working with clients on their equity programs has naturally afforded us relationships consulting on their broader benefit packages to best optimize overall wealth while being tax efficient.

We have experience managing and planning for Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Restricted Stock, Nonqualified Stock Options (NSOs), Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Performance Shares, Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Phantom Stock Plans and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) for employees at both public and private companies.

We also specialize in managing around concentrated positions using customized divesting plans to maximize after-tax wealth while reducing risk as part of your broader financial plan. For certain executives or those in key positions we can assist with 10b-5-1 plans when appropriate. Our background allows us to have a well-rounded understanding and appreciation for the unique implications related to these situations. We have the approach to serve these needs in a comprehensive manner by tying together investment and tax planning considerations.